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Introducing the Puro Horizontal

Sidato Puro Horizontal Designer Radiator


Whilst vertical radiator heating options seem to have dominated the designer heating landscape throughout the last decade, there has been a clear void in products available for alternate scenarios where height may be at a premium. The question is often asked of retailers as to whether there are any suitable options available for underneath low windows, or something that isn’t going to look lost on a wall that may span a significant distance. The Sidato Puro Horizontal looks to address this and is proving an increasingly popular choice to satisfy the criteria. Not only does it deliver an exquisite contemporary aesthetic, but as with the other offerings within the Puro range, it delivers a wealth of heat.

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What are our current clients saying?

Taken from the Vida Homes blog…

Home heating has come along way in the past few years, and it is fair to say that the designer radiator options of 5 years back have now become the norm for those looking to enhance their homes. What started with a few chic takes on towel radiators for the bathroom soon led to the manufacturers exploring contemporary designs to suit all settings. Not only have the radiators become a lot more appealing to look at, it seems they are becoming hotter too due to advanced heating methods.

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Italian-Designed Space Saving Furniture

Resource Furniture is a company we have long admired at Sidato for it’s ability to create stunning pieces fit for the smallest of settings. Check out the above video to see just a some of the ways that creative design can be used to it’s fullest.

Resource Furniture

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Emotional attachments can sometimes hinder a design’s direction. When a piece of furniture is becoming more of a nuisance than a lovely walk down memory lane, it’s time to pass it off for someone else to enjoy

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